John Fortuno Returns to Cruise Woodward


It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since John Fortuno, a well-respected car designer on the west coast, visited the Motor City to work with Chrysler on Fatchance 2.0 – his ultra-customized Chrysler 300C.

As you can expect, we were thrilled to hear he’s heading back for this year’s cruise on Woodward with his highly recognized vehicle. If you’ve seen his work, you’ll be elated to know you could have an opportunity to speak with this mastermind of customized design.

Chrysler Forward Look: We heard you’ll be joining us on Woodward this year. How long has it been since your last visit?

John Fortuno: It’s been 2 years since my last visit and I’m excited to return. The history of the Motor City and visiting the annual cruise on Woodward in August is really exciting. The car culture is so much different than the West Coast and a great learning experience to see and participate in.

Chrysler Forward Look: Will you be bringing Fatchance 2.0? If so, will you be cruising Woodward or just showing the vehicle off?

John Fortuno: Yep, we will be shipping Fatchance 2.0 for the Cruise on Woodward. Although we will be on display Saturday with Mopar® and Chrysler brand on Woodward and 13 Mile. I hope to cruise Woodward on Thursday August 15, to have the full experience of the Motor City car culture. Being on the street and meeting other enthusiasts is what it is all about.

Chrysler Forward Look: What do you have planned while you’re here? Any customizer events? Any hot spots to check out?

John Fortuno: I will be at Chrysler Headquarters in Auburn Hills on Friday August 16 for a series of activities, on Woodward later in the afternoon and at the LX Summer Fest back at the Chrysler Museum that night. I am also planning to visit some of the historic landmarks in Detroit and take some photos with FC2.0.

Chrysler Forward Look: What type of vehicles, old and new, do you hope to see on Woodward this year?

John Fortuno: My all-time favorite ride is 1969 Road Runner; I can’t get enough of the car. I remember growing up thinking that was the coolest car ever made. There are so many types of rides on Woodward from new to old makes it an experience.

Chrysler Forward Look: Can you recall the first auto event you attended? Did it spark your interest in customizing?

John Fortuno: I remember attending car shows and always drawn to American muscle, as I got older I still love American muscle, but began to love the large body sedan and its style.

Chrysler Forward Look: Do you have any advice for first-time visitors to the cruise on Woodward?

John Fortuno: Be ready for an experience and a real life history lesson, there is a lot to see and so many different styles of cars, it’s awesome.

Chrysler Forward Look: How does the cruise on Woodward compare to other cruise events that you’ve attended?

John Fortuno: Woodward is unique event in that it covers some 6 cities, with some of the most iconic American cars ever made past and present. The passion of the owners for American metal is awesome and really drives my passion. No other event compares to Woodward in size and diversity.

Chrysler Forward Look: Will you be around for local customizers to chat with you about mods? If so, where might they catch up with you at?

John Fortuno: I’m excited to meet other enthusiast and customizers while I’m there. I will be at the LX Summer Fest (Chrysler Museum, 5-9 pm) Friday night. Saturday I will be with Fatchance 2.0 at the Chrysler display (Woodward and 13 Mile).

Be sure to keep up with John Fortuno while he’s in the Motor City on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

 Will you be attending this year’s cruise on Woodward? Tell us in the comments below.


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