Customer Loyalty: Our Incentive to Offer Incentives

Customer Loyalty: Our Incentive to Offer Incentives

For 13 years in a row the Chrysler Town & Country has earned the Polk Award for customer loyalty. What does that mean? It means that when the time comes for a new minivan, Town & Country owners tend to remain Town & Country owners, purchasing newer versions of the same vehicle at a higher rate than for any other brand in the segment.

Because Town & Country owners develop relationships with the brand that often span the lives of several vehicles, it makes sense for us to recruit as many first-time owners as we can—once someone is in a Town & Country, the odds are good that he or she is going to stay there.

The time may be right for you to begin your own relationship with Town & Country. Visit to schedule a test drive and to explore currently available offers—experience firsthand what keeps people coming back to the Chrysler Town & Country.

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